Emtee threatens his former signee Flash Ikumkani: “He must pay me”


Emtee vows to deal with Flash Ikumkani

Emtee, real name Mthembeni Ndevu publicly threatens his former record label signee Flash Ikumkani.

The young rapper left Emtee Records over two years ago, but his relationship with the CEO got messed up.

Since Flash departed the label, social media has been highly instrumental for Emtee, who utilises it to call him out over unpaid debt.

Taking to X, the father-of-three said he’s going to beat up his former signee.

“When I see flash ima whip with a belt,” he tweeted.

Emtee said he’s not letting it slide till Ikumkani pays him.

“I’m not letting shit slide. I invested in that hoe ass nigga. Ima fvck him up n he has to pay me.”

Emtee further did a breakdown of Flash’s debt to a curious fan.

“Music video, trips. Studio camsps that cost me a 50ball, using my name to enter certain buildings and talkin sh!t.” Emtee wrote.

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