Finding the ultimate denim outfit may sometimes seem like rocket science, but not impossible.

Knowing your body curves in and out, you should never hop onto the trend bandwagon and always opt for clothes that look graceful and comfortable wrapping around your curves while boosting your body confidence from head to toe.

Today, we’ll give you the 5 best denim styling ideas which are perfect for heavy and curvy women.

1. Opt for baggy jeans

Skinny jeans are out of fashion now and only look good in winter with decent boots and a long coat. But baggy jeans are to live for. From boot cuts to mom jeans to straight fit, these types of denim cuts look stunning on heavy women which accentuates their hip side curves and at the same time omits the ‘camel toe’ situation, making their thighs move comfortably. High-waist baggy jeans would be their ideal fit and look good with blazers, crop tops, baby tees, and more.

2. Wrap Over denim dress

Wrapover dresses are mainly common in satin fabric but have now taken over the denim world with their grace and chicness. These wrap-around denim dresses look stunning without any crease and cover your side curves and breasts in a posh manner which makes them fit for you to be worn in the office, with friends, or on a date night. These types of dresses look best with sneakers, but if it’s a date night then call for high heels.

3. The knee-length denim dresses

Knee-length buttoned denim dresses are all over the place. You can find them in shirt style, or in a proper flared or tight end with a knee-length coverage that looks decent and modest with a vintage touch. These types of dresses cover all your insecure curves and look best with white sneakers, a stunning casual bag, and a hat. You have a perfect fit in your wardrobe which would boost your confidence.

4, Oversize denim jacket trend

Oversize denim jackets can never go out of style. Oversize plain denim or with stylish patches looks great with baggy pants and a plain t-shirt or crop top underneath the fit which is for every occasion. An Oversized denim jacket should always be in your wardrobe as it covers you like a big blanket, hides your arm fat and secures the breast region uplifting your overall fit for a beautiful day.

5. Long denim skirts

Long denim skirts are back in trend with a vintage end which looks stunning with plain white or black crop tops. You’re good to go with a simple bag and boots or shoes with silver-plated minimal jewels which remain on every girl’s Pinterest board. Long denim skirts accentuate and at the same time cover all your curves in a decent manner.