Father of the year: Prince Kaybee spends quality time with his kids (Video)


Prince Kaybee makes fatherhood look easy

Prince Kaybee earns the title of “Father of the Year” as he continues to spend meaningful quality time with his children.

The DJ’s music career might not be at the peak, but he’s excelling as a dad as he is devoted to fatherhood.

Recently, Prince Kaybee shared a heartwarming video on social media that captured tender moments with his kids. The video showcases a side of the DJ that fans don’t always see, highlighting his dedication and love as a father.

In the video, Prince Kaybee is seen engaging in a fun and playful activity with his children.

Prince Kaybee’s commitment to his children is further emphasized by the way he balances his demanding career with his parental responsibilities. Despite his busy schedule, he makes it a priority to be present in his children’s lives, setting a commendable example for other parents.

Watch the video below:

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