Boosting confidence in the bedroom is a problem that we all face, at some point in life.

With boredom issues setting amidst sex, it can be a real dampner on you and your partner’s sex life.

Reinventing some sex tricks, toys or simply being bold while having sex can give you just the right amount of excitement and fun you need.

So, we bring to you some handy tips for being the bolder one during sex.

1. Be in your birthday suit

Don’t be afraid to bare it all. Take off your clothes one by one, slowly in a teasing way and watch your partner stare at you in awe. This is a good way to show your partner that you trust them enough to be this bold, in front of them.

2. Be open about what you want

Don’t just bare your body. But bare your soul to them as well. If you’re open and honest about your feelings and about what you want from your partner emotionally and physically, then it will not only create a stronger relationship between the two of you but will also give you the pleasure that you exactly want.

3. Be the one to make the first move

Control and power in sex is all about who makes the first move. If you’re tired of your partner waiting to take charge, then do it yourself. Lead your partner in the bedroom and feel the intimacy and heat rising in the room. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about making the first move at all.

4. Dress up accordingly

Wear some sexy black heels, or try grabbing a good role-play costume, then you’re moving in the right direction. Skip the regular dresses and go for something sexy and lacy, that can be a surprise once in a while and which can make you feel bold, sexy and goddess-like-beautiful.

5. Catch each other off-guard

Be it after an exhausting day at the office, or after waking up from a deep nap, surprise your partner by initiating a ‘quickie’ or a passionate love-making session, out of the blue. People tend to love to have sex at times, when they least expect it. Your partner will feel the lust and you’ll definitely feel the power surge!