Anele Zondo (30) reportedly pregnant with Ciza’s (23) child


Anele Mdoda’s boyfriend revealed to be Ciza

Anele Zondo who surprised the public about her pregnancy weeks ago trends following reports that the baby daddy is TK Nciza’s son, Ciza.

The 30-year-old reportedly started dating the young man when he was 16 years old.

Photos of the alleged couple’s cozy moment together have surfaced on social media and sparked conversation.

Social media users react to the report, despite no words from the TV personality.

“Isn’t this grooming? Why is pedophilia accepted when women are the perpetrators? For example – a grown up male relative playfully calls his young female relative “my wife” he is deemed a pedophile But a grown up female relative playfully calls her young male relative “my husband” everyone just laughs In recent times many cases of female teachers being sexually involved with male students. Guess the wording by media houses e.g female teacher SEDUCES… female teacher in a RELATIONSHIP If the teacher was male, the wording would be R∆PED, MOLESTED, ABUSED Everyone is silent when the pedophile is a woman,” a X user wrote.

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