Bianca Naidoo opens up on surviving after Riky Rick’s death


Bianca Naidoo talked about how she’s been healing and surviving after the death of her husband, Riky Rick.

The South African rapper took his life on February 2, 2022 following years of battling depression.

In a recent podcast, Bianca opened up on how she’s been living after the death of her lover.

“Riky’s passing definitely made me realise I have been in survival mode for the longest time and not necessarily paying attention to things that are important. Last year brought me to a point where I’m like I can’t do this anymore. I need to start living and also start being honest with yourself and being honest about your feelings,” she said.

“It’s been tough, it really has been. It feels like it’s new and you’re starting again and I honestly take one day at a time trying to figure it out. For me in a lot of day-to-day things, I did it anyway. There’s not a day that goes by or a moment that goes by that I don’t think of him in things I’m doing. Every day is having to go through that and you just have to go through it.”

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