Here’s how far you have to run to burn off these popular KFC meals



With the popularity of fast food in South Africa, understanding the nutritional content of popular KFC meals has become crucial for those mindful of their diet.

Here is a breakdown of the calories, nutritional benefits, and the exercise required to offset these indulgences. Nutritional information is courtesy of KFC South Africa with conversions from kilojoules to food calories done using CheckyourMath.

1. Zinger Burger

A single Zinger Burger, excluding chips and drink, contains:

Energy: 1,856 kJ

Protein: 33.8 g

Carbohydrates: 34.0 g

Total Fat: 18.1 g

Calories: To convert kilojoules to calories, divide by 4.184. Thus, the Zinger Burger contains approximately 444 calories. An average person burns roughly 60 to 70 calories per kilometre when running, depending on factors such as weight, running speed, and efficiency. For this calculation, using an average of 60 calories burned per kilometre, one would need to run about 7.4 kilometres to burn off this meal.

2. 10 Zinger Wings

Ten Zinger Wings pack a hefty nutritional punch:

Energy: 3,783 kJ

Protein: 57.5 g

Carbohydrates: 26.0 g

Total Fat: 62.8 g

Calories: These wings contain about 904 calories, requiring an average person to run approximately 15.1 kilometres to burn off the equivalent calories.

3. 4 Dunked Wings

For those who opt for the Dunked Wings, the nutritional values are:

Energy: 1,711 kJ

Protein: 23.2 g

Carbohydrates: 21.0 g

Total Fat: 25.3 g

Calories: This meal provides about 409 calories, translating to a running distance of 6.8 kilometres to burn off.

4. Streetwise Two with Regular Pap

A classic choice, the Streetwise Two with Regular Pap, contains:

Energy: 2,418 kJ

Protein: 31.8 g

Carbohydrates: 57.0 g

Total Fat: 23.3 g

Calories: This meal amounts to roughly 578 calories, equating to about 9.6 kilometres of running to counterbalance its intake.

5. Large Fully Loaded Box Meal with Colonel Burger and No-Sugar Soda

For those opting for the larger meal, the Fully Loaded Box includes:

Energy: 5,181 kJ

Protein: 51.9 g

Carbohydrates: 160.0 g

Total Fat: 41.6 g

Calories: The total calorie content is around 1238, which would require running approximately 20.6 kilometres to burn off.

While these meals are calorie-dense, they also offer significant protein, essential for muscle repair and growth. For example, the Zinger Wings provide 57.5 g of protein, making it a considerable source for those needing high protein intake.

Understanding the caloric content of these meals is vital for making informed dietary choices.

With South Africa the third fattest country on the continent, it’s essential to balance our indulgences with the right amount of physical activity.

While KFC meals are a beloved part of South African fast-food culture, being aware of their nutritional content and the effort required to burn off these calories can help in making healthier choices. Regular exercise and mindful eating can contribute to a balanced and healthier lifestyle.