Lynn Forbes to AKA – “Visiting your grave has become a joyful and peaceful experience”


Lynn Forbes visits AKA’s grave

Lynn Forbes reveals how she feels visiting her late son, Kiernan AKA Forbes.

The South African rapper was shot and killed in February 2023, and the family is opened about their healing journey.

Taking to Instagram, the mother of the late star shared a photo of herself beside his grave.

She talked about having a conversation with AKA and how it brings her joy and peace.

“Visiting your grave has become easier to do. It brings me so much comfort, grounds me and gives me peace at the same time. In my dream, you asked me to visit often and enjoy this peaceful setting and you were right. Talking to you, updating you on what’s happening with Kairo, the family, anything I think you would want to know, makes me feel more connected to you,” she wrote.

“Sometimes, I find comfort in just sitting quietly with you to think and pray. I miss you terribly but my heart is at peace. Visiting your grave has become a joyful and peaceful experience that brings me comfort and keeps your memory alive and strong,” Lynn added.

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