Dating can be an exhilarating experience, but sometimes, signs may appear indicating that your partner could be grappling with commitment issues.

Recognising these signs early on is crucial for making informed decisions about the future of your relationship.

Here are seven indicators that you might be dating someone with commitment phobia, along with strategies to navigate this situation

1. ​​Avoidance of future plans​

A commitment-phobe often shies away from making future plans, whether they are short-term arrangements like weekend outings or long-term discussions about the trajectory of your relationship.

​​2. Fear of labels​

If your partner hesitates or actively avoids labeling the relationship (such as refraining from terms like boyfriend/girlfriend or partner), it could signify a reluctance to commit to a more defined status.

3. ​​Inconsistent communication​

Commitment-phobes may display inconsistent communication patterns—being attentive and affectionate one moment, and distant or aloof the next—which can leave you feeling uncertain about the stability of your relationship.

4. Reluctance to introduce you​

If your partner hesitates to introduce you to their friends or family, or keeps these spheres of their life separate from yours, it may indicate that they are not yet ready to integrate you into their long-term plans.

5. History of short-lived relationships​

Take note if your partner has a history of brief relationships or a tendency to avoid committed relationships altogether. This pattern could suggest a fear of long-term emotional investment.

6. ​​Excuses for avoiding commitment talks​

When discussions about the future or commitment arise, a commitment-phobe might deflect or make excuses, preferring to maintain a comfortable, non-committal stance in the relationship.

7. Focus on independence​

While independence is healthy, a commitment-phobe may prioritise their own independence excessively, potentially hindering the development of a deeper emotional connection with you.