Sophie Ndaba receives sweet birthday message from her son, Ocean L


Sophie Ndaba and her son Ocean L

Sophie Ndaba’s highly supportive son Ocean L writes her a sweet birthday message today.

The South African actress turns 51 years old today and she’s taken to social media to express gratitude.

Taking to Instagram, Ocean L who stood by his mum during her health challenges penned a lengthy note of love and admiration to the celebrant.

“Happy birthday to the coolest mom out ❤️🌊 If you were not born today I would have not existed. Your courage , strength , endurance and the power of prayer got you through the ways of life. You survive every obstacle in life and you always come out stronger which is something I will always admire about you Ma, honestly I’m blessed to have a cool mom no lie , she’s not a boring person to be around trust me she will bright your moods anytime you want if you have her number just call her 😂.”

“Your life is a true definition of Gods love it’s crazy how you always achieve the impossible but we serve our Lord God which makes the impossible possible. And i pray that you recover from your ankle injury
But you already recovering well , and thank you to everybody that supported her and sent out prayers and flowers to our door step , God bless you ! Our home is more colourful because of you.”

“Today you are loved by many and blessed whole heartedly ma ❤️ today we celebrate you and all your achievements in your craft , as a mother , sister and a friend , you have touched many hearts in your journey because you are the queen of all queens , and I’m so grateful to call you my Queen mother 🌊 I got your back no matter what!!” Ocean wrote.

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