From the way one walks or the way one writes an email, sometimes such little habits of people can reveal a lot about their personality. So read on to know more.

1. Walking posture

The way you walk says a lot about your personality. Someone who walks with an even stride with their head up conveys a confident personality and is known to be a social person. But, if you have a slumped posture while walking then you’ll be considered to have a vulnerable personality with a self-conscious tone.

2. Handshake grip

A simple handshake can tell a lot about a person. A firm and brief handshake with one up-and-down motion showcases that you have a confident attitude. But, if you limp while shaking your hand then you have an insecure mind, and you’re afraid to say anything to anyone around you.

3. Your email writing

Etiquette while formally writing your email says a lot about your personality. How, what, and when you write your email can capture pretty accurate things about your personality. If you write the email with a certain respect and consideration then you have a confident and toned down attitude. But, if you’re using I and me a lot then you probably have narcissistic behavior.

4. The nervous instincts

If you bite your nails or play with your hair, then you’re someone who deals with anxiety, tension, frustration, and stress. If you tug your hair or bite your nails, then you tend to act like as perfectionist, but in reality, you just feel irritated and you’re dissatisfied.

5. Being punctual

If you arrive early and follow all the rules then you’re a people pleaser. But, if you’re a tad late then you are a self-focused individual. For you, your own time is highly valuable. You hold a certain amount of respect for the person you’re meeting, but for you, it is always your priority.

6. Eating habits

If you’re a slow eater then you are a conscientious individual who likes to be in control. You prefer to eat alone and remain at peace with yourself. But, if you’re eating fast then you are an impatient and ambitious individual who prefers taking risks in life. But you also deal with anxiety issues which make you feel annoyed with the food on the table.

7. The colour of one’s clothes

The colour and styling matter a lot and they often reveal about one’s personality. If you’re opting for casual and lighter shades then you’re someone who prefers to have a social life and you’re a jolly person. But, if you prefer to wear a dark tone and wash off clothes then you’re far away from imagination.

8. Your selfie habits

This might sound unusual to you but if you post a lot of selfies on your social media then you’re a less emotional individual with low self-esteem and confidence. But, if you prefer taking selfies but never post them then you’re someone who believes in living in the moment, cherishing your memories, and values your relationships.

9. Your handwriting

People who write big letters are socially oriented in life with a sense of attention-seeking personality. However, people with small handwriting are known to be introverted and capable of acute concentration with an impulsive attitude in life.

10. Your shopping habits

Your spending habits say a lot about your personality. People who hide money, overspend, and rack up their debt are untrustworthy and unstable in their romantic relationships. They can also be the ones who end up cheating on their loved ones. But, if you have a budget yourself and spend accordingly, then you’re someone who can be trusted and have a future goal.

11. Deflecting compliments

If someone compliments you and you negate the sentiment then you’re a humble individual who accepts the compliments with pride. But, if you start denying it on their face then you have a low self-esteem and survive from imposter syndrome.

12. Checking your reflection

If you constantly check your hair and body and outfits then you’re nervous and under confident with constantly trying to prove yourself in front of others. But, if you’re not doing that then you are a confident individual with a good social gang.