In process to make your LPG cylinder last longer, your kitchen will also play a key role and the first step in this direction could be to use the LPG cylinder effectively and smartly.

Scroll below to know a few smart tricks and tips that will not only help you save money but will also help your LPG cylinder last longer.

1. Use a pressure cooker

Pressure cooker is a smart tool for cooking, as it takes less time, consumes less LPG and keeps the nutrients intact.

2. Keep the utensils clean

Every time you place a utensil on the burner, make sure that the bottom is clean. This makes the cooking process easier and consumes less LPG.

3. Always measure your ingredients

So many times people don’t measure the amount of water or liquid to be added as per solid ingredients and end up cooking for a longer period to evaporate the excess liquid, which takes a toll on LPG consumption.

4. Avoid open vessel cooking

Cooking without a lid increases the cooking time and thus utilizes more and more LPG. By covering the lid, you trap the heat, build steam and reduce the cooking time. This act also helps maintain the moisture of the dish.

5. Regular cleaning of burner

Blue colour of flame is the ideal one. In case you see red, orange or yellow, it’s a sign that your burner needs cleaning. It is suggested to clean the burner once in a month. To do the same, you may use lukewarm water and baking soda for effective results.

6. Place pot to cover flame

Every time you cook, make sure that the flame is not licking the sides of the vessel. It means the flame is high and such flames are of no use. It’s a sheer waste and should be confined to the bottom of the pan/wok only.