It is okay to be not sure about life. It is okay to feel indecisive about your future, relationships, carrier, and yourself.

What is important is for you to realize your ambiguous thoughts about life. Because many people are still living someone else’s vision of lives instead of what they want.

We have one life and it’s essential that we live each day in the best way possible, based on what we desire, our ethics, passion, and the vision we have of living our lives.

And once you know what you want, you can make decisions and get your life back on track.

Ask yourself these questions which will help you to get more aligned.

1. If you could pick three things that matter the most to you, what would they be?

Whether you agree or not, but your life will eventually revolve around the things and people that matter you the most. Think about the things that you care for and would never want to lose. Try to think about the things that are important to you more than money because neglecting them would make your money worthless. Make them a part of your life because if not, your life will feel crooked and incomplete.

2. Had social media not existed; what would you do differently?

Ask yourself if you would be living your life the exact same way, had there been no social platforms. No one to read your tweets, no one to comment on your Instagram post and no one to share your Facebook status. Think about your life choices and decisions if there was no one to care about how your apartment looks, what your vacation plans are or how you are living your life. Won’t they differ if you knew you are no longer being quietly policed by the anonymous crowd of people that lie behind the screens of online media?

3. What are your values and ethics?

Your values will create the future you want to experience because they will help you grow and develop. Your life choices will always reflect your morals and beliefs, and they will aid you in making a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to you. So, think about your ethics before making a choice otherwise you’ll land up in an internal clash that can manifest in ailment, mental and relationship problems.

4. What are you most passionate about?

It’s important to explore and discover your passion because life is incomplete without passion and probably the lack of your answer is one of the reasons for your ambiguous thoughts. Ask yourself what’s the thing that you love doing the most. Observe what you spend hours reading about and surf for possibilities. Think about what lights you up the most when you talk about it.

5. What are you scared of?

It’s okay to feel scared at times. People often stall out with choices, because they are terrified of what will occur if they settle on that decision. While some fear failure, few are afraid of success and accomplishment. Think what is making you stop and why. You need to overcome your fear to move ahead otherwise you will stay indecisive about what you want.

6. What errands make you the happiest?

Think of things that make you want to leave your bed with a smile on your face. Is there something you appreciate doing on the weekends? Is there something that gets your blood siphoning and lights your heart and mind? Regardless of whether it’s something like computer games or vlogging, it’s legit. Think of anything that makes you feel alive.

7. If you knew no one would pass judgment on you, how would you live your life?

Imagine if you would just be commended for your work, for your life, and for your decisions, how would you live. What would you do? Think about the hobbies and activities you would pursue but ignore now due to the fear of judgement. Get your hands on the answers which come to your mind and become oblivious to the stinging criticism of others because people will speak because it’s their work to comment.

8. Who do you look up to and why?

It’s okay to not have a role model but chances are you admire someone because of who they are or how they manage themselves. Think about why you admire them and what are their life ethics. Understand their traits and what draws you to their field. Think of professional, relationship and life attributes you want to emulate.

9. What do you appreciate doing for others the most?

After you’ve searched answers to the above questions, it is now essential to know what you cherish doing for others. Do you like organizing parties for them? Motivating them? Or is it cooking them a meal when in the mood? Figuring out how you intuitively help other people is an impression of what you really appreciate doing.