Jojo Robinson rushed to the hospital over kidney issue


Jojo Robinson was hospitalised due to kidney stone

Jojo Robinson appreciates life and good health following a recent health scare that landed her in the hospital.

Taking to Instagram Jojo recounts how she was rushed to the hospital at midnight due to an excruciating pain.

“When you’re perfectly healthy the next minute, you find out your kidney was near failure,” she wrote.

“Long story short, Rushed to the emergency room at 1am with excruciating pain, found out I had a 1.6cm kidney stone blocking my urethra, which ultimately had led to a back log in my kidney where it had all turned to puss in the left kidney..My doctor removed the large stone and placed a stint in the kidney to help save it.”

The reality TV star said she will be going under the knife to save her kidney.

“I was then told my kidney was a week or 2 away from failure if this didn’t happen.. In 2 weeks I have to have another surgery to remove the stint as well as the other stones still in my kidney,” she concluded.

Jojo shared photos of her friends who visited her while she was in the hospital.


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