Are you eating these food at the right time?



We can derive maximum benefits from foods if we know the right time to consume them.

While some foods can be very nutritious, but having them at the wrong time of the day may become counter productive for your health.

We have grown up hearing that curd should be avoided at night and the best time to have fruits is mid-morning.

But there are a number of other foods too, like meat, milk, walnuts, cheese that should be consumed at the right time so that they do not harm the body.

Some foods like milk have a calming impact on the body and also help in bowel movement.

So having them in the morning may impact your digestive system and cause trouble. But when taken at night, the same glass of milk will help in inducing sleep.

Read to know more about what all can be done to get the maximum out of the foods you eat!

1. Meat

Best time to eat: Noon

Meat being heavy on stomach is hard to digest. High in proteins, meat helps in gaining physical strength and improves concentration levels if consumed during daytime and in moderation.

Worst time to eat: Night

High in protein, meat might be heavy on your digestive system and give you an uncomfortable night.

2. Walnuts

Best time to eat: Evening

Walnuts contain a number of beneficial components such as Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. They have been proven to help in improving brain health.

Worst to eat: Night

Eating walnuts during these times may reduce their effectiveness. The calories present in nuts are difficult to digest at night when your body is mostly sedentary.

3. Rice

Best time to eat: Afternoon

Metabolism is higher during the day and hence it is easy to digest the carbs present in rice.

Worst to eat: Night

The sluggish digestion at night will lead to weight gain.

4. Curd

Best time to eat: Afternoon

Assists in digestion and soothes the digestive system.

Worst to eat: Night

Especially if you’re prone to cold and cough, it’ll lead to mucus formation.

5. Cheese

Best time to eat: Morning

For vegetarians, cheese is an excellent substitute for meat. If eaten in moderation, it can prevent weight gain and bloating.

Worst time to eat: Night

Being heavy to digest, it can lead to indigestion and fat gain.

5. Apple

Best time to eat: Morning

Apple peel has the fiber pectin that helps in bowels movement and cures indigestion.

Worst time to eat: Evening/Night

Apple’s organic acid will increase the acid level in the stomach leading to discomfort. Moreover, pectin too will burden your digestive system at night and will make digestion slow.

6. Milk

Best time to have: Night

Milk soothes the body and helps in getting a good night’s sleep.

Worst time to have: Morning

Unless followed by lots of physical activities, milk can be heavy to digest and mess with your digestive system and cause bloating.