Pearl Thusi gushes over her daughter Thando (Video)


Pearl Thusi pays tribute to her daughter

Pearl Thusi recently took to social media to express her deep admiration and love for her daughter, Thando.

In a heartfelt video, Thusi gushed over her daughter’s growth and the blessing she brings to her life.

The video highlights how Thando has grown into a remarkable young woman, displaying intelligence, kindness, and a strong sense of self.

The video captures several fun moments between the mother and daughter, showcasing their close bond and the mutual respect and affection they share.

The actress and DJ captioned the video with, “The real reason God has never stopped finding ways to bless me. From day 1. I sometimes wish you never grew up… but you’ve remained perfect through it all. I love you my forever baby girl.”

Thusi’s emotional tribute to Thando was met with overwhelming support from fans and followers. Many commented on the video, praising Thusi for her openness and the positive example she sets as a mother.


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