Simz Ngema discusses coping with ex Dumi Masilela’s death while being in a relationship with Tino Chinyani


Simz Ngema says she doesn’t mix grieving her ex and loving her current partner

Simphiwe Ngema recently opened up about how she grieves the death of her late husband Dumi Masilela while in a romantic relationship with her baby daddy, Tino Chinyani.

The South African singer and businesswoman talked about this while consoling Babes Wodumo who mourns the death of her husband, Mampintsha.

Taking to the comment, a fan asked how Simz copes and the star said she does the same thing Wodumo does.

“I do what she’s doing. Cry, text him, watch videos. It’s not something that goes away. You just learn to live with it. Days are different, some days you cry like it happened yesterday and Special days are hard (birthdays, anniversaries) 7 years later and it still hurts.”

Simphiwe further revealed that it is not easy grieving while in a relationship with Tino, but she tries not to mix grief and love.

“Honestly, it’s not easy. I try and keep my grief and love separately in order to respect him. Although he’s said I can talk to him about it, I don’t. It’s not fair on him. I’d rather speak to my family about it. I have to respect my new life and give it my all.”

“Whether I like it or not, the loss I experienced is in the past and what I’m trying to build is my future. It was a tough pill to swallow but I pray and keep it moving. Life carries on with or without you. I’ve chosen to live and not be drowned by sorrow and pain. The pain will always be there. It shouldn’t stop you from living,” she added.

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