5 tips to help you embrace the one-bag travel trend



The one-bag travel trend continues to gaining popularity worldwide.

It started to gain momentum around the mid-2010s as it coincided with the rise of social media platforms and travel blogs where influencers and travellers started sharing their experiences and tips for packing light.

Almost a decade later, even more holidaymakers are adopting this trend.

According to Samantha Pillay, director of ekko, a leading lifestyle brand for millennials, people tend to pack far more than what they need.

She explained that the one-bag minimalist approach challenges traditional travel norms by advocating for packing everything into a single carry-on bag, regardless of a trip’s duration.

“Championed by seasoned globetrotters and casual holidaymakers alike, one-bag travel revolves around the principle of packing only what you truly need for your journey into a single, smaller-than-usual bag,” Pillay said.

She also highlighted that efficiency and flexibility are some of the benefits for travelling light as this trend also saves you time.

This is as you can have quicker transitions as you don’t have to queue in long lines at check-in counters or baggage claim carousels at airports.

This trend also makes it easier to keep track of your luggage, is cost effective and helps in reducing the carbon footprint associated with excess baggage weight and transportation. This is as it requires less plastic and packaging waste to organise your belongings.

Here are Pillay’s tips on how you can implement the one travel bag trend when travelling.

Pack strategically

When packing for one-bag travel, it’s important to choose versatile and interchangeable clothing that can be mixed and matched for various weather conditions and activities.

Essentials include lightweight tops like t-shirts and blouses, bottoms such as jeans or travel pants and a dress or skirt that can be dressed up or down.

“Pack one to two pairs of shoes and a jacket or sweater for layering and wear when travelling to free up space,” she said.

“Select quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant fabrics for convenience and ease of care during your travels.”

Choose the right bag

She also advised travellers to opt for a durable, carry-on-compliant bag with sufficient compartments for organisation.

Maximise space

As part of efforts to maximise space, Pillay recommended to roll clothes to save space as well as using compression packing cubes and multi-purpose items.

Minimise toiletries

The travel expert also advised buying reusable travel-sized containers that can be refilled or snag the complimentary ones from hotels.

Do laundry on longer trips

You could also plan to do some washing midway to reduce the number of clothes you need to pack.

“One-bag travel isn’t just a trend, it’s also a lifestyle choice that can enhance one’s travel experience,” Pillay believes.

“It encourages us to be more mindful about what we pack for holiday and offers the opportunity to travel lighter, freer and focus more on enjoying yourself than worrying about luggage.”