South Africans react to the video of young boy abusing his grandmother


Young boy ill-treats his grandmother in viral video

A recent video circulating on social media depicting a young boy verbally and physically abusing his elderly grandmother has ignited a firestorm of outrage and concern across South Africa.

The distressing footage has not only shocked the nation but has also sparked a broader discussion on societal values, familial respect, and the treatment of the elderly.

The reaction from the public has been overwhelmingly negative, with many expressing their horror and disgust at the boy’s behavior.

Social media platforms have been flooded with comments condemning the abuse and calling for justice.

The name of the boy in the viral video is said to be Vuyo, and there’s been a hunt for him, while people are trying to reach the gogo to help her.

Let’s see some of the reactions below:

“Never lay a hand on your parent, she holds a key to your blessing and your curse,” a tweep wrote.

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