Gigi Lamayne celebrates her 30th birthday in style (Photos)


Gigi Lamayne turns 30

South African rapper and businesswoman Gigi Lamayne announces a major milestone on her social media account this Sunday.

The star took to her Instagram account to celebrate her 30th birthday.

The rapper shared photos from her birthday photoshoot; she’s seen holding ropes of balloons and a teddy bear on a pink background.

An excited Gigi captioned the post with, “Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to the Gigi Gang!!! Happy birthday to the VVIP section, the dolls and bosses, hustlers and divas, the street runners, the nerds, the social rejects, the 2ks who breathe life into me, the servers of cakes and looks, but most of all, happy birthday to the General section!”

“Where it all began when I watched my role models perform and said: “ I can do it too! “ . Enter my latest pride and joy : @ivzealsandton !!! To more money! More female moguls!! And more Girl bosses,” she added.

Friends and followers flooded the post with birthday wishes.

See the photos below:


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