J Molley quits music


South African rapper J Molley announces that he is quitting music.

The rapper made the announcement hours after pulling out of the joint EP with Emtee.

He explained that he cancelled the music project because of Emtee’s unseriousness with the music despite the money spent on transportation and lean.

“He did passed out on the couch, he couldn’t put his shoe on. I had three sessions with Emtee in the last week, he couldn’t even rap one bar. I would leave him in the studio so that he do your thing king, come back, motherf** rap four bars in two hours and two of the lines rhyme with each other, so that’s four bars with the same things,” he said.

“So like for the last three sessions with me, I’ve paid for everything, I bought them KFC, I paid for the transport, they pull to the studio, I buy them lean, Emtee is a lean addict and Youngseruno, so I buy lean for them. Whether Emtee is sleeping or he is on Live swearing at his fans that’s what he does best.”

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Molley announced the release of his last body of work titled Head Hunter.

He further revealed that he quits music as he has other sources of income.

“Head Hunter Tape Out Now ( Link In My Bio ) This The Last Body Of Work I’m Giving Y’all Since I’ve Decided To Quit. Enjoy, Share & Save The Link. Deactivating My Account In 24 Hours 🔪 Y’all Can Keep This Fame Shit, I Don’t Want it. I Make Money, Music A Hobby To Me,” he wrote.


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