10 things you can do to stay safe during storm



With tropical storm warning, remember to stay safe and be prepared. Here are some tips to prepare:

Your home:

1. Keep emergency numbers and important information handy. Also keep emergency supplies such as water, canned food, a can opener, battery-operated radio, flashlight and protective clothing ready.

2. Keep a first aid kit.

3. Turn off all your household electrical devices.

4. Lock all doors and windows.

5. Leave the area before it gets too late. Get to higher ground.

Should you be outdoors or in your vehicle, do the following:

5. Climb to higher ground and stay there.

6. Avoid walking through floodwaters – even 15 centimetres deep can sweep you off your feet.

7. If floodwaters rise around your car but the water is not moving, abandon the car and move to higher ground.

8. Never drive through a flooded road or low-water bridge as the road may be washed away.

9. If you get swept away in the flood waters, try to grab onto anything you can to pull yourself to safety.

10. Getting swept away while inside your vehicle can be extremely dangerous. If you are stuck inside your vehicle, roll down the windows and open the doors to allow water into your vehicle. Doing this will equal the pressure on both sides of the door, allowing you to escape your vehicle.

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