DJ Fresh set to return to radio in 2025


DJ Fresh coming back to radio

Thato Sikwane, professionally known as DJ Fresh is set to make a return to radio after four years off-air.

The presenter confirmed his return during a recent interview with Zimoja.

“I will be back in April; I can’t say where yet. I’m a radio-head through and through,” he said.

In 2019, DJ Fresh was sacked for using the word “Msun**y” on air.

“I don’t think I was fired for the word,” he said. “I was fired because I refused to apologise for using the word. I was suspended for a month,” he said.

“The BCCSA said there was no transgression because the word doesn’t exist. Had they said apologise immediately, I would’ve done that, but you punish me first, and I must come back and say I’m sorry,” DJ Fresh added.

Thato joined 947, but was also dismissed due to sexual assault allegation, but he later cleared his name.


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