Sonia Sedibe – If I Marry Again, There will be Conditions


Star actress Sonia Sedibe has admitted that if she will ever get married again, there will be terms and conditions.

She said in a recent interview, “I met my first boyfriend when I was 17 and we only broke up when I was 26! I met Leslie at 28 and at 30 I married him. Because of that, chances are I’ll marry again. But if I do, there’ll have to be conditions,”

Sonia also revealed being sin’t isn’t bad as many people thought. She said, “Being single isn’t so bad…it’s like being reintroduced to the woman I was before getting married,”

On being broke, she said “I know my truth. I know that when I go to my house it’s a family home. My children are so happy to see me, they even scream. I don’t need to prove a point,”