Enhle Mbali Opens Up on Being a Step Mum


Actress Enhle Mbali who is married to superstar DJ, Black Coffee has opened up on being a step mother in her recent chat with Anele. The mother of two spoke on how she manages to be mother to two toddlers and at the same time a mother to a teenager

“It’s very hard being a mother to a teenager when I have only been a mother to toddlers. So I am having to skip so many steps to be a teen mom. So he gets away with a lot because I am always having to ask myself am I too nice, am I not being too nice? Am I being too stern or am I not being too stern?” she said

“There’s a lot that happens in my psyche that I think a lot of stepmothers also go through. It’s a lot. He’s not ‘mine’ so I almost have to treat him a certain way so that he doesn’t feel unloved,” Enhle adds. Watch her interview in full below

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