Trevor Noah On His Expensive Tickets – “We have to learn to value our own”


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Comedian Trevor Noah has defended the prices for his show “Trevor Noah – There’s a Gupta on My Stoep” which took place last night at the Ticket Pro Dome. The pricing of tickets ranged from R450 to R1,400.

“We have to learn to value our own. I wanted to come back to SA and perform for as many of my fans as possible. In the time that was allocated to me and the venues that are available, the Dome is where I could do that. I was in a place where I had to put together a show. A great show. Not just a good show. I want it to look good. I want it to sound good,” he said on the pricing of the gig.

Trevor also hinted he didn’t want to run to a loss while doing his own gig. “I remember when Cassper did Fill Up The Dome and he said ‘you can sell out the Dome and still lose money.’ I didn’t understand what he fully meant at the time, but I do now. It’s an extremely expensive venue. It’s the cost of doing business,” he adds.

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