Actress Bahumi Ready to Become a Movie Star


Actress and Youtuber, Bahumi has said she is ready to become a household name rather than just being a “celeb child”. Bahumi says she enjoys having parents who understand the industry but now she is ready to build her own path after securing a role on SABC 2 movie, Keeping Score.

“I have always been ready. I have been waiting for a defining moment in my life. I love being me but I have been preparing my name to be more than ‘just a celebs child.’ I am ready to claim my own fame. I also have time to focus on my YouTube channel and my acting. I am ready to be Bahumi: The actress,” she told Times Live.

“We started around March and I am super excited for my debut in a month or so. The character I’m playing is Zola. She is fit and energetic and I can’t wait for people to see how I bring her to life. It’s been an amazing experience,” she adds.

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