Actress Fulu Mugovhani Opens Up on Her Struggles to Accept Her Body


Fulu Mugovhani has opened uo on her struggles of self acceptance.  The former Scandal actress caused stir online after posting the picture on Instagram earlier this year because of the amount of scars on her body. She eventually deleted the photo.

“In that moment I was feeling myself. I eventually deleted the picture because I didn’t want it to distract from my work, but in that moment I found a comfort in myself that I had not had in years,” Fulu told Times Live

“I was often teased as a kid for having scars on my legs and my forehead. I was also teased about my arms being too short and that gave me a little bit of a complex. I have only now started to love my body more fully. I was teased about my body, now I embrace who I am,” Fulu said

“I had to show more of my body in Ayanda and so that meant I had to face these small insecurities about myself. I am so grateful that I did because I learnt to see myself differently. I still have moments where I am self-conscious ,but I’ve started to put away the touch ups and see the beauty in myself,”  she adds

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