Somizi Explains How His Ex Hid Him For 5 and Half Years


We’ve all seen cases of a relationships where one or both partner is scared of revealing their partner. Somizi has also been there.

He opened up on Kaya FM on how he has been in that situation and why he got out of it “He [Somizi’s ex] decided to hide our relationship from them [his parents]. But because I was so into him, I said ‘ag maybe after two years he will change’. But he never did. I became a secret for five and a half years, up until I asked him, ‘so when are you going to [introduce] me. I’ve never been to your place, I’ve never met your parents? But my family knows you,” he said on Mapaseka’s show

“I’m a believer and an advocate of saying to people, don’t be forced by people to come out. Come out when you are ready. You need to be ready and it applies in anything whether its HIV status or whatever,” he adds

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