Gigi Lamayne Denies Leaving Mabala Noise Despite Founding Her Own Imprint


Mabala Noise rapper Gigi Lamayne has denied she has left the popular recording company. The 23 year old recently founded a company known as Hart Roc and fans have been wondering if that means she has left the label.

Gigi says Hart Roc has been existing since last year. “The company was basically founded last year and was just sitting idle. However, Hart Roc and Mabala Noise have actually always had joined ownership of the Gigi Lamayne brand. I’ve been saying that people need to get over the hype [around the relationship between Mabala and its artist], because signing to Mabala was a business venture. I have a say in how and what my brand does,” she said.

Gigi has since signed a female DJ known as DJ Lady Blue to the label.

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