AKA Slams Autotune Critics, Says “I Want to Create a New Wave”


AKA has said he won’t stop using the autotune effect on his forthcoming songs and has slammed South Africans for blasting him for using autotune while not criticizing American rapper Travis Scott.

“Does anyone criticise Travis Scott for using auto-tune? I don’t hear anyone criticising Travis Scott for using auto-tune,” AKA told Tshisa Live at the Redbull event over the weekend.

AKA adds that he want to create a new wave by fusing a lot of sounds into his songs. “Artists around the world are being influenced by Africa. I’m definitely going to make sure that I appeal to that because now is the time to push that. At the same time, I am known for coming up with new sounds so I want to combine gospel, trap, pop, bubblegum and hip-hop. I want to create a new wave,” he adds


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