Mbali Nkosi Admits There are Dry Seasons in SA’s Entertainment Industry


Actress Mbali Nkosi has learnt to count her blessings and appreciate having multiple working opportunities in an industry that is often hit by drought where jobs are concerned.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE at a hotel launch in Cape Town, Mbali, who is currently holding down three presenting gigs, said she was grateful for the opportunities she has.

“People don’t know that even though they see us on certain shows, we all still go to auditions. That’s why we are always so happy when we are called for shows. I will never complain about being too busy, because in this industry the dry season is real. So I’m grateful for work and being busy,” she said.

She revealed that she’s presenting a new and improved entertainment show, All Access,in addition to hosting the OPW presenter search.

Mbali said that she auditioned to host OPW three times, and  was excited to have spotted to host the search and hoped doing that would open even more jobs.

“When I was called to host the search, I couldn’t turn it down. And, it’s been an amazing experience. I get to tell the hopefuls that ‘hey, I auditioned three times and never made it, so you need to do more’. I am happy my auditions opened that door,” she said.

The Queen actress also said she’s put her acting on hold for the time being as she juggles all her gigs. She said she is also looking into going to the theatre stage to help enhance her acting skills.

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