Zahara – Untrue Story About Me Scares Me


Following the release of her high selling Mgodi album, singer Zahara has admitted that the negative news about her in the media of late scares her.

“There have been a lot of things said about me. A lot of untrue things like I am a drunk and I am this and that. And it scares me that I could be remembered for those things and not my music. They (the public) have forgotten who I really am and that I am the girl next door,” Zahara told Tshisa Live.

She also spoke on releasing an album without a lead single. She told the news outlet that if she was chasing fame she’d have done a publicity stunt.

“If I was chasing fame, I would put out singles and do promotion stunts for it, but I want people to hear my whole story. So I didn’t put out singles, but released the whole album and let people decide what to listen to. Even the radio stations are playing different songs – the ones  they like best. That is what I want,” Zahara added

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