Why Nasty C Boycotted SA Hip Hop Awards


It’s been revealed that Nasty C boycotted this year’s SA Hip Hop Awards because he felt disrespected last year by not winning anything despite making submissions.

Mabala Noise spokesperson Sikhulile Nzuza told TshisaLive, “We meet with all our artists before we submit their music. We spoke with Nasty C to ask him which of the categories he would feel comfortable submitting in and he told us that he would not like to participate in the awards at all. He felt that he had a massive year last year but he was not recognised for his achievements by the awards and he does not want that again. It was a peak year for him and for him to not be recognised concerned him,”

“Artists are not here for awards. Nasty C is doing well and doesn’t need an award to validate him. So far it is only Nasty C that has chosen not to participate from Mabala Noise but I am sure next year there will be more,” he adds.

SAHHA organiser Rashid Kay expressed his concern that Nasty C has decided not to participate.  “It is concerning that he has chosen not to submit his music. We would love to have had him at the awards because he is exceptionally talented and feel he would have done well. We have no problems with him,” Rashid said.

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