Nasty C Denies Sleeping With a Grade 9 Student


A Grade 9 student who is believed to be between the age of 14 and 15 is claiming rap superstar Nasty C slept with her and blocked her after they had an intercourse. The girl identified as Sihle Kibido is making the claim on Facebook.

The 21 year old rapper has since reacted to the news. He wrote on Twitter, “I’m not even gonna dignify that bogus ass story w a reply.. Witches want clout. Ok.. to be serious.. that story is a lie.. I’ve never even met that girl. Word to God. On my living sisters. Just thought I’d clear the record before her cry for hype spins out of control.

Before he debunked the story, social media was already out of control as the girl in question was mocked with memes

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