Pregnant Busiswa Who Said She’d Never Get Pregnant Opens Up to Fans


Singer Busiswa announced she’d pregnant on Wednesday but many of her fans didn’t forget that the singer said she’d never get pregnant in her hit single Lahla. In the song, she said, “performer for life, andizu mitha no mitha (not going to fall pregnant)”

She wrote in a new post, “Thank you for the well-wishes my people. Of course I was young, hungry and less d*cknified (sic) when I wrote ‘andizumitha nomitha’. I’m wiser now. Still a performer for life, still ngenaring nge (doing the) vosho everywhere. In fact, I might name him GqomLawd at this point,”

Busiswa also refused to share details on who’s responsible for her pregnancy. She told Times Live, “I don’t want my private life splashed across the headlines. I prefer to talk about my music and I don’t want to comment on my pregnancy.”

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