DJ Cleo on his Engagement – I am in a Happy Place


Super star DJ, DJ Cleo has announced that he is engaged to his woman. He told Times Live, “I am engaged now. I am in a happy place,”

He also revealed that he will be keeping further details on his relationship closer to his heart. “The world is mean and it is worse now. (Rapper) JR was blessed with a baby recently and it was so sad to see how people spun it to make fun of him, instead of celebrating with him. I also try to keep it private to not put people under pressure. You shouldn’t be scrutinised for just living life. At the end of the day, you just want those you love to live a normal life,” he said.

“No matter how good a life you live, tabloids will even go to the point of cooking up stuff. It doesn’t bother me anymore. I know the real me and that’s all that matters. It is all speculation,” DJ Cleo added in the interview

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