Sho Madjozi – My Father Is White, Papa Penny Is Not My Father


Despite what many believe that Papa Penny is the father of eccentric musican Sho Madjozi, the singer has come out to make known of the fact that her father is white and as such is not Papa Penny

She told Times Live at Absolut’s One Source Live festival, “He calls me to check up on me sometimes. After he started visiting me people started saying that he was my dad. Everyone knows that I am mixed but my dad is white, not the other way around. So now that everyone heard that Papa Penny had a mixed baby, they were like: ‘it’s Sho Majozi!’ Papa Penny is not my father,”

Sho Madjozi also acknowledge the fact that things have changed for her in a big way over the past year. “When I went home to my grandmother’s house, hundreds of people came to the door and were screaming my name and calling me. Also when I threw my homecoming show, it was so packed I couldn’t even get in to the venue. It took me over an hour. Those moments make me realise that this is bigger than I thought,” the singer adds.

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