Kwesta Admits There’s Competition Between Him & Other SA Rappers


Rap titan Kwesta has revealed there is competition between himself and some South African rappers despite that they are friends. Speaking to Tshisa Live, Kwesta admits hip hop is a competitive sport and there is always that competitive edge between everyone.

“Hip-hop is a competitive sport. As much as there is camaraderie and everyone might get along, when we do music there’s always that competitive edge and that’s how it is. It’s like soccer, all the players usually get along but on the field we are all playing to win and winning feels great,” the rapper said.

Kwesta who has sold several platinum singles this yea credited his fans for the huge accomplishment.

“It’s a great feeling to know that my work has been recognised to have been some of the the best put out this year and was put at the very top above everything else that others have done. But to be honest, everything that has earned me that spot had to do with people that support me,” he adds.

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