Why My Album Was Delayed – Busiswa


Music star Busiswa has been in the game for half a decade but only just released her debut project titled Highly Flavoured under the label Kalawa Jamzee. The singer, who is heavily pregnant revealed the reason for the album delay is because of the changes that happens to her sound year in year out.

She told Times Live, “I wanted to release something that showed me from all sides. Also, every year kept changing and I thought that I needed to change it (the sound of the album). Now I feel like there is a good balance. I was very nervous to release it because you never know how it will be received. It is like having a baby and introducing it to the world.”

She also spoke on the difficulty of releasing an album while on maternity leave. “It was difficult to release the album when I am not able to tour or promote it. December is traditionally the busiest time for performances but I will be here waiting for the birth of my child and being a mother. And really, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Busiswa shot the music video for the Bazoyenza, a single off the album in October before embarking on a leave and is expected to hit the screen soon

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