Euphonik Wants More Respect From Fans


Just a glimpse at his social media pages will show you that DJ Euphonik has never been scared to speak his mind or put a hater in their place. Now the star has revealed that the respect he demands doesn’t stop offline.

Euphonik heated up social media in 2017 with his spicy clapbacks and sub-tweets. Speaking on Trending SA this week, the star was asked if he thought his no-nonsense attitude made people scared of him.

“Because of my social media persona, yes (they are scared of me) but I am the most chilled person. Just don’t come at me wrong. (You must have) manners and greet, because ‘there are guys who will come up (to me) and are just like ‘let’s take a picture’, instead of saying ‘hi. How are you?'”

The Apologise hitmaker said that he had learnt to build a barrier between himself and fans to protect the relationship.

“I have learnt that there must be a wall, that people must love you and not take advantage of you.”

Euphonik isn’t the only star to voice his frustration at fans’ alleged rudeness.

Rapper AKA once threw a phone off a balcony when a fan allegedly tried to take a selfie with the star.

“Snapping is cool if I’m aware of it. Or if I allow it. Not this low key FBI CIA undercover sh*t. Your phone will fly. Trust me,” AKA tweeted in response to reports about the incident.

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