Heavy K Opens Up On Growing Up Poor


Hit producer Heavy K, has opened up on his humble beginnings. The house producer has grown to become one of the biggest producers in South African having released hits upon hits for half a decade. Heavy K revealed his family were very poor.

“I come from a very poor family. My parents had so much love for me. Even when my mother was still alive, she loved me. We are a family of four, when we ate, I would see that on my mother’s plate there would not be meat while the three of us would have meat. I would ask her why she didn’t have meat and she would say she didn’t eat meat.

It was only when he was older that he spoke to his mother about it and realised that she often didn’t eat to make sure her kids did.

“It killed me inside but I am a positive person and when my mother told me that it gave me more power to chase my dreams.”

Heavy K has gone on to make serious cash and recently spoilt his dad with a house and car.

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