Sands and Mobi Dixon Kicked out of SAMAs


Sands and Mobi Dixon have been disqualified from their respective category nominations. Sands got taken out of the running for ‘Record of the year’ with his song ‘Tigi’ and Mobi Dixon was taken out of the running for ‘Best Remix’ with his remix of the song ‘Lake by the Ocean’.

Sands isn’t a citizen of South Africa so his being put nominated would have been in contravention of what the awards were about and Mobi Dixon was disqualified because the song he remixed was an international song, not local.

The artists and their respective songs have been taken out of the running in their respectve categories and have been replaced by: Sketchy Bongo and Kaien Cruz’s ‘Love Me in The Dark’ for ‘Record of the year’ and ‘Mwanagu’  by Jackie Queens and VeneiGrette remixed by Enoo Napa.