Lady Zamar React to Sjava Relationship Rumors


Lady Zamar has reacted to rumors she and musician Sjava are in a relationship. News trended after Sjava reportedly said in an interview that he wish he dated Lady Zamar.

Sjava was quoted in an interview saying, “First of all, I wish I dated Lady Zamar. Secondly, I’m not married I don’t know where the story comes from…it is the same story that came out saying I am retiring in my music career, which is false. I am not going to entertain this madness.”

Lady Zamar has now revealed that Sjava is only a work colleague. She reportedly told newsmen,  “I ain’t gon’ say nothing, we know each other, we’ve done a song together…genuinely that’s as far as I can…I don’t know what else to say…I did read somewhere that apparently, he expressed that he would like to date me, so that was an interesting insight…”

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