OkMalumKoolKat & Sho Madjozi Working On New Albums


OkMalumKoolKat has let the cat out of the bag by announcing that he is working on a new album. The Gqi hit maker made the revelation on Instagram. OkMalumKoolKat revealed that the songs he has made so far are mellow (slower) songs but he is expecting bangers from music producers who he sent an email.

He also announced that Tsonga rapper Sho Madjozi is also putting finishing touches to her album. He wrote, “Officially started working on my album. It’s Day 3. The beat shortlist I have now is still pretty mellow vibes. I need bangers, send them to that old email addy I gave you. Also s/o to @shomadjozi ( she is also working on her album ) for always being there for me,”

In another pot he wrote, “Zuper proud of you @shomadjozi I dont tell you enough. They are not ready for the album vibrations but I know they will ride the waves”.

Stay tuned.

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