Nasty C Speaks On Aspiration to Become a Billionaire


At 21 Nasty C has reached heights that are so high even his peers are looking to him for inspiration. In an interview with Slikour Onlife he explained that its books that has changed his life.

He told Slikour Onlife what has led to his maturity and his new found purpose with his music and his life.

“Every time people said I’m an old soul, I always thought maybe it was because I am quiet or I am not as hyper as the other kids. But now, with just the way I think alone, I understand why they said that.”

The rapper said that he owed his maturity to reading because once he learnt how to apply the tools he got in the books, he realised he could navigate relationships better and he could deal with things like hatred and problems in general.

Nasty, who recently dropped Strings and Bling, said he now had bigger plans for his future and that includes helping young people looking up to him.

“(I want to help) anywhere I can. Even if it means I have to pay for things or donate. But my main instrument of giving back is teaching kids the law of attraction and teaching them to read. Even those that think they are too cool, you know too cool to read. I know I was like that at some point. I discovered once I started reading that there were so many tools. After that I felt like I had so much power.”

Nasty C said he mostly reads self help books and that at the moment he’s reading books like The 50th power of Law, To think And Grow Rich and Five Second Rule.

“People look at me like I am special or magical but no we are the same.”

Nasty said he’s going to be a billionaire by 30 and you need to hear his explanation for yourself!

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