Cassper Nyovest Turns to God After Non Fan Warned Him


Cassper Nyovest doesn’t have time to entertain claims that his career is about to go into freefall and has even tried to “break the curse” that haters wanna put on him.

Tsibipians were losing their minds online this week when a Twitter user predicted a “Nonhle Thema ending” for his alleged diva tendencies.

This was followed up by another user telling their followers that Cassper was sabotaging himself like Nonhle did before she left the industry.

Cassper’s fans were quick to defend their idol and point out that the Twitter prophets of doom have BEEN throwing Cassper away for a long time. Others asked if the person was as hateful to American artists.

While the comments section got heated AF, Cassper stepped in all the way from America to address the hate and “reverse the curse”.

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