DJ Sbu’s Memories of ProKid is Touching


When DJ Sbu still had T.S records he signed the late ProKid to his stable, whilst signed under T.S records Prokid released hit songs like Bumpa and Sekele amongst many other hit songs.
DJ Sbu and Pro had spent a considerable amount of time together travelling and making music and even though Prokid’s stay at T.S records was short-lived, DJ Sbu mentioned that he had a lot of fond memories of Pro whilst he was still signed under his record label.

“I had the opportunity to work with Linda Mkhize for a few years, he was signed to our label, TS records we made music together, we travelled together. I saw him help his friends, they became business people selling his merchandise. He entertained people and got a lot of people out of poverty by helping them work with him, selling his Dankie San’ brand…what I also loved about Pro was his subject matter. His music was very encouraging.”

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