Cassper Nyovest Encourages Trolls To Swallow Their Own Pill


Cassper Nyovest encouraged internet troll to be able to handle clap backs after a tweep corrected his Zulu tweet. The rapper was told that he was too harsh in his response but he was not too concerned by the claim.

That’s when tweeps felt the need to remind Cassper that they are the reason he’s guaped.

“We support them with the same money they are bragging with to us ..abo please buy my album. Banje (they are like this!)”

But Cass wasn’t having none of that fam.

The rapper made it clear that he was initially just joking, but if people want to catch feels, they must go right ahead because people think they can be rude to celebs and celebs must just take it.

“I’m confused. It’s not that serious mos? It’s only jokes when it’s directed at the celebs Neh? We can’t joke back? Oh I get it. One side! Well not here and not with me.”

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