Kelly Khumalo – I’m Struggling with Rejection


Music superstar Kelly Khumalo has revealed the reason she is still single and holding back on a new relationship. The Jehovah hitmaker told Tbo Touch that she is still dealing with rejection.

“I am still struggling with rejection. I cannot deal with rejection. Even in a relationship, if I don’t know how you feel about me, I’m not going to be that girl who tells you upfront how I feel because I am afraid of how you might take it or what if it isn’t reciprocated. Rejection.”

She adds that she also has trust issues. “I don’t trust…I need to trust. For me, I struggle with that. I am probably the only person I trust.”

Sometime ago, Kelly said people imagine she has everything and as such doesn’t have to complain about anything.

“Everybody goes through things but somehow it becomes taboo when Kelly goes through it. You are even afraid to say, ‘I’m actually single’ because everyone is gonna think, ‘Kelly you have it all. You are beautiful, you are talented’ and I’m like ‘uh ah.'”

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